This is an exciting professional opportunity for the successful candidate to lead one of the most prominent municipal advocacy and service agencies in the country (including significant pooled risk management programs) and to live in an area that offers an excellent quality of life, as well as a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities.  The LGC Board of Directors is seeking a dynamic and highly qualified individual to serve as its next Executive Director. The current Executive Director is retiring in the fall of 2009 after serving New Hampshire local governments for 34 years.

The Board seeks a leader and professional manager with a varied background, to include municipal and statewide public policy experience, business expertise, skills in legislative advocacy and strategic planning, familiarity with insurance pooling, and an individual who possesses unquestionable ethics and integrity. The successful candidate must maintain close communications with the member municipalities and exercise modern team-building skills for the staff of the LGC.

Local Government Center, Inc., known as the New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC), located in Concord, New Hampshire, provides supportive resources for local governments, which include municipal, school and county entities throughout the State of New Hampshire (the “State”). LGC, through its subsidiaries, provides legislative advocacy, member services, education and training, legal defense, personnel assistance, recruitment assistance, and also operates pooled risk management programs offering health, property liability, unemployment and workers compensation coverage. The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of this non-profit corporation. The Executive Director is appointed by a 31-member Board of Directors (12 Municipal Public Officials, 12 Public School Officials, 6 Public Employee Officials and 1 County Public Official).  The mission of the LGC is “To provide programs and services that strengthen the quality of its member governments and the ability of their officials and employees to serve the public by being a catalyst for dialog and action, an advocate on issues, and advisor on problems, a provider of benefits and risk-management services, an educator/trainer in skills, and a resource for information.”

The Local Government Center's headquarters are in its own professional building, which was built in 1989. The Center, located in Concord, New Hampshire, the State Capital, is currently constructing a 12,672 square foot addition to its headquarters to alleviate overcrowding of current staff and to house new staff when Workers Compensation claims are handled in-house. LGC staffing consists of 126 employees, 115 full-time, 9 part-time and 2 temporary.

Located within an hour’s drive of Boston and the White Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Concord has a wonderful quality of life that offers a variety of recreational and cultural activities for everyone, all four seasons of the year. There are hiking and skiing opportunities to the north, fishing and swimming in lakes and the ocean, just a short drive away, and entertainment opportunities for young and old nearby.  The average winter temperature is 21 degrees, with average snowfall of 65 inches. Summer temperatures average 70 degrees and warmer in July.  The cost of living in New Hampshire, although somewhat higher than other parts of the country, is the lowest in New England. Single family home prices sell for between $190,000 to $300,000.  There are no sales or state income taxes; property tax is the primary source of operating revenues for local governments and schools.

The starting salary for the Executive Director of LGC is negotiable, depending on experience and qualifications. The starting salary is expected to reflect the background and responsibilities of the individual selected and  is expected to be market-competitive. The LGC offers an excellent fringe benefit program and reasonable relocation expenses are expected to be offered to the selected candidate.

For additional information on this outstanding opportunity, please contact James L. Mercer, President, The Mercer Group, Inc., at 505-466-9500; jmercer@mercergroupinc.com  You may also contact other members of our search team: Joyce Stille at 860-604-9720 or Bonnie Therrien at 860-257-9122, both in the Hartford, Connecticut area or by e-mail at: newenglandconsulting@gmail.com.  Please send confidential cover letter, resume, and references by e-mail or U. S. Mail by close of business May 1, 2009, to James L. Mercer, President, The Mercer Group, Inc., 551 W. Cordova Road, #726, Santa Fe, NM 87505.  Voice: 505-466-9500; Fax: 505-466-1274. Website: www.mercergroupinc.com.

The New Hampshire Local Government Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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